Double Doors – Hollow Metal Pairs


The active door of the pair is typically prepped for a locking device, such as a lockset or exit device. The inactive door (or fixed door) is prepped for flush bolts (top and bottom) and includes an astragal, which covers or closes the gap between the edges of the doors. Exit devices or push/pull hardware is required to make both doors active.

Heavy Duty 18-Gauge Steel
Rigid Honeycomb Core or Polystyrene
Equal and Unequal Pairs Available

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Heavy-duty steel double doors for commercial, industrial and institutional applications
Our stock hollow metal door is an affordable non-handed, square-edge door solution designed to meet your requirements for quality full flush steel doors. These doors are designed to satisfy your requirements for durability, security, aesthetics or fire protection.

1-3/4? Thick, non-handed design with reversible hinge plates
Inverted top and bottom channels for additional stability and protection
Interlocking seam enhances structural rigidity and durability
Available with a wide range of glass lites, louvers and hardware preps
Factory-applied rust-inhibiting primer (no special color options)
Fire-rated doors up to 3 hours with WHI / ITS mylar label applied (optional)