Hollow Metal Transom Frame


A hollow metal transom frame is a door frame with a fixed horizontal transom bar and glass above the door. A steel panel made from a hollow metal door can be used in lieu of glass.

16-Gauge Steel ? Cold Rolled or Galvanized
Available Welded or Knocked Down
Includes Anchors for Any Wall Condition

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Steel Door Frame with Transom for Commercial Applications
Transoms are door frames having a transom bar and glass or steel panel above the door opening. The transom bar separates the door opening from the transom opening. The frame height will vary but normally extends to the ceiling above. Glazing bead (glass stops) are provided with all sidelite frames. Stops install on the inside of the frame to hold the glass or panel in place. Transom frames can also include attached sidelites.

16-Gauge cold rolled steel (galvanized available)
Includes 5/8? glass stops, screws and glazing tape
5 glass type options (optional steel panel in lieu of glass)
Anchors available for any wall condition
Available KD (knocked down) or welded
Fire-rated up to 45-Minutes with WHI / ITS mylar label applied (optional ? in limited sizes)